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Cheap Date – 26 May 2007 – A Culinary World Tour

Welcome to this worldwide, whirlwind episode of Cheap Date! In this episode, we take you for a vegetarian dinner at Chowpatti Vegetarian Cuisine, followed by Joe’s tales of his trip to Tokyo. Thanks for all your comments! You can reach us at or you can leave us a voice mail at 206 203-3283! This [...]

Cheap Date – 12 May 2007 – Breakfast with The Big Show

It’s Breakfast with The Big Show this time around on Cheap Date! Aaron and Jenny spent some time with us this week, and we went for an awesome breakfast at The Village Grill of Arlington, just to give them a taste of the northwest suburbs of Chicago. We also get a Vegetarian Update from Lisa. [...]

Cheap Date – 28 April 2007 – Chef’s Fest 2007

We once again visit the Arlington International Racecourse for The Greater Woodfield Convention and Visitor’s Bureau’s Chef’s Fest 2007. This year, we’re joined by co-hosts Liz and Bob and Becka and Emma. This year, there were over 60 restaurants, hotels, and other purveyors of food and fun offering samples to the attendees. For a $30 [...]

Cheap Date – 14 April 2007 – Double-Header

This episode was recorded in an undisclosed location, which explains the sound quality. Actually, it’s coming to you from the hotel room where we spent our couple of homeless days while we awaited closing on our new house. No more Cheap Date condo! And yes, we’re still in Arlington Heights. This week’s show is a [...]

Cheap Date – 31 March 2007 – Honeymoon in Vegas (No, Really)

The big news in this episode is, well, what we’ve all been waiting for. Yes, your hosts got married last weekend, and it was wonderful. We talk about our cake from Jarosch Bakery in Elk Grove Village, Cristalino Extra Brut Cava (which fuels this episode), wedding favors from Godiva, the fabulous folks at Refined Dining, [...]

Cheap Date – 17 March 2007 – Radioactive Urbanities

It’s that time again, kids… a fortnight has passed and here we are again. This time we start out with some wedding talk and then it’s on to a tale of international intrigue. This is a story that has a HAZMAT unit, stolen radioactive material, and a really tasty Monte Cristo sandwich. You won’t want [...]

Cheap Date – 3 March 2007 – This American Date

The secret of this episode is Sex. That’s all we’ll say about that. The highlight of this week is the one-night-only presentation of This American Life at the Chicago Theatre. The show was called What I Learned From Television. Turns out, there’s a lot. Dinner tonight is as Petterino’s, right in the theatre district. Thanks [...]

Cheap Date – 17 February 2007 – Chicagoland Brewpub Shootout!

There’s a lot going on in here today, and a lot of exclamation points, so get comfortable and enjoy the show! We start off talking about our Super Bowl Sunday dinner, including an awesome beef tip roast from Costco (seasoned perfectly by a concoction from The Spice House) and latkes. We also talk about the [...]

Cheap Date – 3 February 2007 – Home on La Granja

This week’s show takes you to La Granja in Palatine, Illinois for some awesome Peruvian fast food. We also talk about Valentine’s Day and the pressures women put on the guys to deliver the goods, and there’s something strange afoot at the local pizza joint. Mentions are also made of Xuxa, Barely Podcasting, and The [...]

Cheap Date – 20 January 2007 – Labyrinth of Pizza and Fajitas

If there’s a theme running through this show, we sure as heck don’t know what it is. It’s all part of a good time, though. Welcome to our listeners, old and new! And a special “hello” to those of you who came here through our YouTube video of “The Arlington Heights Song.” News: Two Brothers [...]