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Episode #4: Interview With a Teenager

Lisa interviews Joe’s daughter Becky. We get an idea of what’s really going on in the heads of today’s youth. Topics include: popularity, fashion, shopping, music, school, family, friends, cellphones, the Internet, iPods, and the future. Worksafe and intelligent. Thanks to Becky for being on the show! Our featured song this episode is “Piece of [...]

Episode #2: The Gender Politics of Beer

Show Notes:–1. If we had a beer for every subscriber…2. Abercrombie followup3. Cycling class and the music to which we’re subjected4. “Stars on 45″ = Lame5. Lisa’s first beer (well, not really)6. The Land of Chocolate and Community Junk Food in the office7. The Wonderment of the Ruger8. Cheap Date! — Los Jardines in Arlington [...]