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Episode #9: Mild, Spicy, or Suicide?

It’s that part of the year when, if you’re not in the retail world, you just sit back and let the holidays wash over you. Or you can do what we did and go out and snarf down some hot wings. Listen to the show right from this website! Just click the ‘play’ button in [...]

Episode #8: M to the X-mas

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Festive Kwanzaa, and whatever else you may be Celebrating this week. We just wanna cover all the bases, y’know? You can now listen to the show right from this website! Just click the ‘play’ button in the little application on the left, sit back, and enjoy! Show Notes:—1. Welcome to the [...]

Episode #6: 600 Christmas Trees Are Missing

Driving through the snow, stolen Nova Scotian Christmas trees, and “Merry Christmas” vs. “Happy Holidays.” It’s all part of building a new tradition. And we reveal why Leonard Cohen never recorded an album of Christmas music. Show Notes:—1. Hi Again!2. Lisa had a rough commute tonight3. Canadians on NPR4. British Columbians have the BEST accents5. [...]

Episode #5: A Festivus Miracle

The holidays are upon us, and we’re taking this opportunity to share with all of you. No Feats of Strength this time around, but there is some Airing of Grievances. Enjoy! Show Notes:—1. Hello!2. Teen Stars and what’s the deal with Lindsay and Britney3. Why we need a Real Life Control-Z button4. Thanksgiving recap: the [...]