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Episode #17: The Shortcast

It’s 4th Time Around in a neat, compact package! Lisa is recovering nicely from her recent medical adventure, so Joe presents two samples of Carnaval/Mardi Gras fun courtesy of Daniela Mercury and Dr. John. Total Running Time: 9:41 ]]>

Episode #16: Who Does Lisa Like?

Joe talks in his sleep, we rate a live theatre performance in Chicago, and have some really awesome Red Velvet Cake. And Lisa tells us the reason behind all the hoo-hah about Dick Cheney shooting that guy. Total Running Time: 33:49 Show Notes:—1. Sittin’ around in the Firestone parking lot2. Rachel Sweet3. The delightful Agavero [...]

Episode #15: Be Mine

It’s our hopelessly romantic Valentine’s Day episode! At long last, we reveal the secret and pregnant meaning of “4th Time Around.” We also talk about all kinds of romantical-like stuff. No Cheap Date, though– you guys will have enough excitement for one night. Total Running Time: 41:09 Show Notes:—1. Greetings and salutations2. Pregnant as a [...]

Episode #14: Bread and Circuses

Now that we know who the star of the show really is, we can get on with it. We cover a lot of territory tonight, so fasten your seat belts! Total Running Time: 38:25 Show Notes: — 1. A Real Hollywood Intro 2. Joe = Ed to the MC 3. Thanks for wearing a shirt [...]