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Cheap Date – 1 April 2006 – Stairway to Superdawg!

Things start out in the usual way, but then a couple of little April Fools take over and bring us to Superdawg on Chicago’s Far Northwest Side. We also discuss the wonderment of Kosher Coca-Cola and why it beats the pants off the regular stuff… and we do an on-air taste test to prove it. [...]

Cheap Date – 25 March 2006 – Ready For My ‘Cue!

If you’re not hungry when you start listening to this show, you will be by the time it’s over. We start with expensive-but-so-worth-it shakes from Oberweis Dairy, follow it with a couple of pork burgers, and then it’s on to Russell’s Barbecue. For afters, this week’s guest review is from Aaron and Jenny from The [...]

Cheap Date – 18 March 2006 – The Yard House

We review The Yard House in Glenview, where they have over 100 beers on tap. You can learn a lot from a bartender, we tell ya. You’ll also hear about Joe’s experiences with guys at the Apple Store whose vocabulary doesn’t go much further than “‘sup” and “Bruh’.” And there’s lots, lots more. This week’s [...]

Cheap Date – 11 March 2006 – Chicago Pizza Company / Oil and Vinegar

Lisa and Joe visit a new/old “Chicago Tradition” and review the Chicago Pizza Company restaurant in Rolling Meadows. We also take a Side Trip to Oil and Vinegar, a gourmet food shop at Old Orchard in Skokie. Thanks to Becky for calling us to the table. Cheap Date is a show about restaurants and food, [...]