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Cheap Date – 27 May 2006 – Bom Apetite!

Clean off the chargers and brush up on your Portuguese, ladies and gents… it’s a Brazilian feast! We was learned stuff this week about table settings, and we share it with you ’cause we want you to be learned stuff, too. This segment contains an obligatory Bob (sans Liz) mention, right alongside talk of Kate [...]

Cheap Date – 20 May 2006 – Keep The Change… Maybe

What starts out as lunch at Jimmy John’s takes a turn into a discussion on the difference between tip cups and “take a penny” cups. Then we start in on tipping in general. And it gets political. Then we leave Chicago and take you to the Madison, Wisconsin area for a visit to Captain Bill’s [...]

Cheap Date – 13 May 2006 – To Half and Half Not

Fueled only by half a blueberry muffin, we start today’s show by taking you through Lisa’s wacky family, who can’t seem to eat the whole thing. You’ll learn about all sorts of things that can be cleft in twain, and then it’ll be time to hear about our mad angel food cake-making skills and the [...]

Cheap Date – 6 May 2006 – The Freshmaker

Soda or pop? And what happens when Mentos meet Diet Pepsi? Check it out for yourself, then enjoy the show! Today, we visit two great little fast food places: Big John’s Gyro and Tore & Luke’s. Get yourself ready for some “good people food.” Joe shares his thoughts on becoming the next local soda bottler, [...]