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Cheap Date – 1 July 2006 – Black Coffee in Galena

We take Cheap Date on the road this week as we visit historic Galena, Illinois! Join us as we kick back and visit the Hawk Valley Retreat, a Bed and Breakfast just outside Galena. Using our wizardry and incredibly high production values, you’ll feel like you’re right there with us. You’ll also hear about two [...]

Cheap Date – 24 June 2006 – The Cheap Debate Show

We call it prosciutto, you can call it tasty. It’s another Cheap Date with Lisa and Joe! Rather than getting in the car, we decide to head through the woods on our bikes and pick up a takeout order from Maggiano’s Little Italy. That’s a nice combination: 6 miles on a bike followed by a [...]

Cheap Date – 17 June 2006 – Für Schnitzel

Decked out in our lederhosen, we bring you another fabulous Cheap Date! Tonight we visit The Chicago Brauhaus in Lincoln Square. If you can get past our pedestrian German skills, you’ll enjoy hearing about this classic treffpunkt where there’s lots of good food to be had. The title of this week’s show comes from what [...]

Cheap Date – 10 June 2006 – Innie or Outie?

What’s the proper way of cutting circular foods? Why the heck does anyone care? Welcome to another Cheap Date, folks… We answer some listener comments and emails and continue on our discussion of Chicago pizza which, if we’re not careful, could continue for decades. Guest Peanut Gallery members Emma and Becky chime in with their [...]

Cheap Date – 3 June 2006 – Pizza as Religion

From nondairy creamer desserts to pizza to riding your bike with 19,999 of your closest friends, it’s the latest bunch ‘o’ fun from your pals at Cheap Date! First, we learn about what desperate kids eat when there isn’t anything fun in the house. You’ll also become our bestest friends if you can find us [...]