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Cheap Date – 26 August 2006 – You Can’t Argue With Math

What lurks in your genetic code? Joe thinks he’s got yellow moons, pink hearts, orange stars, and green clovers. And Lisa laments the fact that one of her grade school projects has been rendered obsolete. We talk about the National Geographic Society’s Genographic Project, in which Joe and his sister are participating. In a few [...]

Cheap Date – 19 August 2006 – Urban Eat Whale

This episode comes off like a well-boiled icicle. Well, maybe not quite as smoothly as that, but you get the idea. Join us as we talk about the proper way to make popcorn in a hot air popper (and the crib we always pass on I-65), and whether or not Lisa is on a first-name [...]

Cheap Date – 12 August 2006 – Opaa! It’s Chocolate, Strawberry, Peach, Vanilla…

Learn about how has caused all sorts of things to surface after so many years… We bring you some followups on last week’s show as listeners mention their favorite ice cream shops, including Springer’s Ice Cream, Amy’s Ice Creams, and an honorable mention to Ashby’s Sterling Ice Cream. You’ll put on the pounds just [...]

Cheap Date – 5 August 2006 – Summer Ice Cream Spectacular!

Subtitled: “Are you sure this is lowfat?” It’s dessert time, people. Today’s edition of Cheap Date takes you to some our favorite ice cream spots in the Chicago area. But first, a little fun from Steve and Dawn as they have a spot of trouble getting us to the table. You’ll hear our reviews of [...]