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Cheap Date – 30 September 2006 – A Couch in the Elevator

Our weekend in downtown Chicago turns out wonderfully in spite of the rain and post-wedding partygoers in the hallways in the middle of the night. We started out at the Drake Hotel and then moved on to the Museum of Science and Industry. We followed that up with a trip to Navy Pier, and then [...]

Cheap Date – 23 September 2006 – Cobbler and a Cup of Rosie

We get ourselves into a right two and eight with this week’s show. Lisa’s ambition gets the better of her and she makes a cobbler from scratch with apples we picked semi-locally. Then Joe talks about his new culinary toy and the circuitous route (the story, not the actual trip) that got him there. This [...]

Cheap Date – 16 September 2006 – Vodka=Cold, Shrimp=Fried, Ice Cream=Square

A podcast never tasted so good. This week’s show starts off with a science experiment, proving whether or not you should keep vodka in the freezer. Thanks to our pal Mr Martini for the tip and suggestion for the live taste test! Then, Lisa sinks into the decadence of Vosges Haut Chocolat, made right here [...]

Cheap Date – 9 September 2006 – Got Anything More Upbeat?

Grab your putter, fire up the clay oven, bring up Lynx, and please keep your arms and legs in the car at all times. We cover a lot of ground on this episode of Cheap Date… We recap our Labor Day tournament at Putting Edge Mini Golf in Hoffman Estates. Glow-in-the-dark madness, we tell ya– [...]

Cheap Date – 2 September 2006 – On The Tail of a Big Fluffy White Dragon

Join us as we discuss Second City’s solution to the homeless problem by putting them on the tail of a sweet-ass fluffy white dragon. Wow. And that was just one part of their new revue, Truth, Justice, or the American Way. Then it’s off to Wally’s in Park Ridge for some really good fast food, [...]