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Cheap Date – 23 June 2007 – Right Next To The Vault

This week, we take you along on our annual trip to Galena, Illinois. (We told you that if you do something twice, it’s a tradition. Well…) We stayed at the Belle Aire Mansion and dined at Backstreet. We also sampled lots of goodies at Galena Canning Company. Mmmmm. We have a special bonus for you, [...]

Cheap Date – 9 June 2007 – The Odd Combination (in a good way)

We take a culinary journey this time around: it’s a flight to Mexico with a layover in Thailand. Or something like that. El Sombrero in Mt Prospect and The Thai House in Hoffman Estates are our two stops this episode. And they were both delicious. Send you comments and other great thoughts to This [...]