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Cheap Date – 29 September 2007 – Meet Me in the Barn

Time for another Cheap Date, Guys and Gals… Joe talks about the “Highway McFifty,” a drink he invented, and the variations thereof. And if that wasn’t enough sugar for you, we taste-test the brand-new Snickers Dark candy bar. Then it’s off to Bogie’s Ale House in Mt Prospect for– what else?– pizza and beer! Oh, [...]

Cheap Date – 15 September 2007 – Silky and Bright to Jammy and Chewy

It’s an evening of great Italian food and wine on this Cheap Date Show! We take in a visit to Quartinoin Chicago. Then we recap our BBQ excursion with an email from Shelly, and then Joe shares his favorite pancake recipe (originally by Ryan D’Agostino in Esquire magazine). Here it is: Wallet Pancakes • 1 [...]

Cheap Date – 1 September 2007 – A Spicy Summer’s End

We couldn’t think of a better way to wrap up the summer than with barbecue and ice cream. Could you? Our first stop is at The Texan Barbecue in Algonquin, followed by a trip further west to The Huntley Dairy Mart. Needless to say, we weren’t very hungry by the time we were through with [...]