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Cheap Date – 14 April 2007 – Double-Header

This episode was recorded in an undisclosed location, which explains the sound quality. Actually, it’s coming to you from the hotel room where we spent our couple of homeless days while we awaited closing on our new house. No more Cheap Date condo! And yes, we’re still in Arlington Heights.

This week’s show is a double-header:

First, we visit Thai Little Home Cafe in their new home in Arlington Heights.

Then, we take you to Armand’s Pizzeria in downtown Arlington Heights for some great Italian cuisine. Two home runs tonight!

Lisa shares her thoughts on being a vegetarian for the month of April. And she shares this awesome bean recipe: try it– you’ll thank her.

Thanks to everyone for the good wishes from our wedding! We appreciate all your wonderful congratulations and comments, and please keep them coming (the comments, not necessarily the congrats). You can leave a message at 206 203-3283 or send an email to

This week’s running time: 28:05


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