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Cheap Date – 7 October 2006 – Under The Harvest Moon

Quick, look outside: when this show gets released, there will be a full moon in the sky. And as we sit under this bright October sky, we’ll make you hungry.

We start with a bit;about the new Mario Batali line of cookware at Crate & Barrel, and then we go into the awesome pizza we made from C&B’s crust mix and this delicious sauce.

Then it’s down to Australia for some goodies from listener Rachael, our newest, bestest friend. Among the goodies in the box we have Arnotts Mint Slices, a veritable piece of Heaven on Earth. It’s the Magic of Globalization. Thanks, Rachael!

It’s a really Cheap Date this week, folks. We visit the erstwhile Rock ‘n’ Roll McDonald’s in Chicago at the request of listener Ross, who was inspired to suggest it after being reminded of a song by Wesley Willis.

After a little engagement talk, we thank you guys for your votes for the Podcast Peers Award– we won the “Cooking/Food/Wine/Beer” category. Thanks again!

Thanks to Daryl for calling us to the table tonight!

If you’re interested in a food exchange, calling us to the table, writing a Guest Review, or just telling us what’s up with you, please let us know! You can email us at, call our Listener Feedback Line at 206 203-3283, or leave a comment below. We love hearing from you!

This episode’s running time: 30:42.


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