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Cheap Date – 23 September 2006 – Cobbler and a Cup of Rosie

We get ourselves into a right two and eight with this week’s show.

Lisa’s ambition gets the better of her and she makes a cobbler from scratch with apples we picked semi-locally. Then Joe talks about his new culinary toy and the circuitous route (the story, not the actual trip) that got him there.

This week’s Cheap Date takes us to Johnny’s Kitchen and Tap in Glenview, Illinois. Skirt steak, shrimp, salmon… mmm. (Oh, and Lisa’s a naked steak liker.)

On our Guest Review segment this week, listener CB takes us to Grand Lux Cafe in Chicago!

Thanks to Century-Podcast Club member Shelly for calling us to the table this week!

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This week’s running time: 27:57.


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