Cheap Date Show

Cheap Date – 16 September 2006 – Vodka=Cold, Shrimp=Fried, Ice Cream=Square

A podcast never tasted so good.

This week’s show starts off with a science experiment, proving whether or not you should keep vodka in the freezer. Thanks to our pal Mr Martini for the tip and suggestion for the live taste test!

Then, Lisa sinks into the decadence of Vosges Haut Chocolat, made right here in Chicago.

Our Cheap Date this week is Don’s Dock in Des Plaines, Illinois. Mmmmmm… fried shrimp. Then we follow it up with a visit to the last remaining Cock Robin Ice Cream shop on the planet.

We now have a Listener Feedback Line! You can call us any time at 206 203-3283 (DATE) and tell us what’s on your mind. You can also drop us a line at or leave a comment below. Thanks for all your feedback, and please keep it coming!

This week’s running time: 29:00.


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