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Cheap Date – 2 September 2006 – On The Tail of a Big Fluffy White Dragon

Join us as we discuss Second City’s solution to the homeless problem by putting them on the tail of a sweet-ass fluffy white dragon. Wow. And that was just one part of their new revue, Truth, Justice, or the American Way.

Then it’s off to Wally’s in Park Ridge for some really good fast food, where we had a great, unoffensive dinner before heading out to the Portage Theatre for the closing night of the Silent Film Society of Chicago’s Summer Festival.

Our Guest Review this week– complete with awesome theme song– is of Wild Willy’s Burgers and comes to us courtesy of the charming and delightful Steve and Maureen. A bleu cheese burger and large fries for me, please…

Tonight’s episode is fueled by a 2003 Banrock Station Shiraz.

And be sure to tune in to The Big Show this week to hear our co-hosting skills in action!

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This week’s running time: 22:18.


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