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Cheap Date – 19 August 2006 – Urban Eat Whale

This episode comes off like a well-boiled icicle. Well, maybe not quite as smoothly as that, but you get the idea.

Join us as we talk about the proper way to make popcorn in a hot air popper (and the crib we always pass on I-65), and whether or not Lisa is on a first-name basis with the Fire Department. Oh, and is Joe an Antichrist or Anarchist?

As we enjoy our Goose Island 312 Urban Wheat Ale, you’ll also hear our take on Clerks 2.

Our Cheap Date this week is Finn McCool’s in Schaumburg, Illinois. We were delighted, from the cheap beer to the cheap burger to the fried delight that came at the end of our meal. Listen to the show for full details. (Promised show link here.)

We also learned about a longtime Chicago restaurant tradition (That Steak Joynt), that’s returning, presumably without the ghosts.

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This week’s running time: 29:00


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