Cheap Date Show

Cheap Date – 5 August 2006 – Summer Ice Cream Spectacular!

Subtitled: “Are you sure this is lowfat?”

It’s dessert time, people. Today’s edition of Cheap Date takes you to some our favorite ice cream spots in the Chicago area.

But first, a little fun from Steve and Dawn as they have a spot of trouble getting us to the table.

You’ll hear our reviews of Oberweis Dairy, The Plush Horse, Julie Ann’s Frozen Custard, The Glenview Dairy Bar (shown at right), and Capannari’s Ice Cream. There’s also a mention of the long lost Cock Robin.

Flavor. Texture. Frostiness. Rock. Paper. Scissors. The only thing missing is a huge stack of napkins.

Tell us about your favorite summer treats! Write to us at and let us know what your favorites are, or if you’d like to take a stab at calling us to the table (okay, maybe that’s not the best choice of words)!

This week’s running time: 40:16


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