Cheap Date Show

Cheap Date – 15 July 2006 – The Awfully Considerate Show

Break out the limes, simple syrup, and Barbancourt White Rum and enjoy more adventures in dining with Cheap Date!

We recap Lisa’s birthday and the 4th of July, along with the proper way for parents to sign birthday cards. Halves resurface on a visit to Lisa’s parents’ house, and Joe visits Arizona and The Big Show.

Dinner tonight is at Pepe’s Mexican Restaurant in Rolling Meadows, where we dined on a whole lotta carbs and a good couple of ‘ritas. Oh, and there was some protein in there: that steak over there for example.

Tell us about what’s going on in your world! We’d love to hear your stories about food, restaurants, and if we were to do a “real” videocast, what you’d like to see! Contact us at and let us know what’s on your mind!

This week’s running time: 31:22


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