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Cheap Date Video – 8 July 2006 – The Arlington Heights Song

Welcome to our very first videocast!

We’re taking a little vacation this week, so we figured we’d break out the video camera, iMovie, and a song by local musician Roger Bain called, oddly enough, “The Arlington Heights Song.” Yeah, it’s an actual song, folks, and we felt it needed to be heard. We don’t know why, but we did. :-)

The scenes were shot around downtown Arlington Heights this past week, and include appearances by Joe’s daughters and Derek Hanley from Peggy Kinnane’s. Neither of us are in this, but if things work out, you may get video of us in future. Oh, you lucky people.

We hope you enjoy this little experiment of ours, and after viewing this show, head on over to The Big Show to hear Joe’s visit with the delightful Aaron and Jenny.

As always, we’d love to hear from you! Write to us at dish@cheapdateshow.comand tell us what’s going on in your world! If you’re interested in calling us to the table on a future episode, let us know!

This week’s running time: 3:19


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