Cheap Date Show

Cheap Date – 24 June 2006 – The Cheap Debate Show

We call it prosciutto, you can call it tasty. It’s another Cheap Date with Lisa and Joe!

Rather than getting in the car, we decide to head through the woods on our bikes and pick up a takeout order from Maggiano’s Little Italy. That’s a nice combination: 6 miles on a bike followed by a whole lotta garlic, onion, lettuce.. mmmmmm.

There’s also a great debate about whether we want the government in our, um, lunchrooms telling us we can’t eat Fluffernutters. Check it out.

Thanks to Daryl for calling us to the table this week!

We love hearing from you! Send us a note at dish@cheapdateshow.comand tell us about your food experiences, good or bad. To us, they’re all good! :-)

This week’s running time: 25:36


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