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Cheap Date – 17 June 2006 – Für Schnitzel

Decked out in our lederhosen, we bring you another fabulous Cheap Date!

Tonight we visit The Chicago Brauhaus in Lincoln Square. If you can get past our pedestrian German skills, you’ll enjoy hearing about this classic treffpunkt where there’s lots of good food to be had. The title of this week’s show comes from what Becky calls the place– We guess “Brauhaus” is tough to remember when you’re 14. :-)

You’ll also hear about what we find fascinating at IKEA– and some of our favorite words, including Kraftwerkian, zufahrt, and Kinder Egg. Joe tells the tale of his evening at an Apple Wine Restaurant in Frankfurt and the interesting characters he met.

And Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there!

Leave us a comment below or drop us a note at! We love hearing from you, especially your stories about restaurants or food– or anything else you’d like to share!

This week’s running time: 30:56

p.s. Check out Joe’s appearance on The One-Minute How-To this week.. you might just learn somethin’.


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