Cheap Date Show

Cheap Date – 10 June 2006 – Innie or Outie?

What’s the proper way of cutting circular foods? Why the heck does anyone care? Welcome to another Cheap Date, folks…

We answer some listener comments and emails and continue on our discussion of Chicago pizza which, if we’re not careful, could continue for decades. Guest Peanut Gallery members Emma and Becky chime in with their opinions on Pretty in Pink and their recent graduations.

On to real business: Lisa’s very first visit to White Castle! Check out the show to see what she thought of it.

There’s also talk about ancient Kool-Aid, frosting cookies, silent movies, and Joe’s recent “appearance” on the Macworld Podcast.

Thanks to Redboy and Absolute Amy for calling us to the table this week! is the place to send your comments, questions, and stories about dining, food, restaurants, or anything else that’s on your mind. Or you can leave a comment below– we love hearing from you!

This week’s running time: 29:20


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