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Cheap Date – 3 June 2006 – Pizza as Religion

From nondairy creamer desserts to pizza to riding your bike with 19,999 of your closest friends, it’s the latest bunch ‘o’ fun from your pals at Cheap Date!

First, we learn about what desperate kids eat when there isn’t anything fun in the house. You’ll also become our bestest friends if you can find us a source for Caotina!

Pizza is like a religion here in Chicago, so we know we have to be careful when we make recommendations. Tonight, we’re pleased to bring you Ye Olde Town Inn in Mount Prospect. Mmmmmmmm.

Finally, we’ll take you on a tour of Chicago early on a Sunday morning.

Oh, and be sure to listen for Joe on an upcoming episode of The One Minute How-To.

Thanks to Charles for calling us to the table this week!

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Today’s running time: 24:08


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