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Cheap Date – 27 May 2006 – Bom Apetite!

Clean off the chargers and brush up on your Portuguese, ladies and gents… it’s a Brazilian feast!

We was learned stuff this week about table settings, and we share it with you ’cause we want you to be learned stuff, too. This segment contains an obligatory Bob (sans Liz) mention, right alongside talk of Kate Beckinsale and Kofi Annan.

Then it’s off to the fun stuff: a Sunday afternoon dinner at Sinha’s Home in Chicago, the headquarters of Sinha Elegant Cuisine. Folks, the only word for this meal is awesome. If you love or are interested in authentic Brazilian cuisine, check them out– we’re serious about this.

You’ll also hear about the Gingarte Capoeira School, who entertained us with a demo of their mad capoeira skills. They’re the ones in the photo here, and yes, they were doing handstands and headspins right on the asphalt. If you’ve never seen this martial art in action, check out this link to a capoeira school in Toronto.

Our Side Trip takes us to Tuscan Market in Arlington Heights where we got some soft-shell crabs to enjoy with our Banrock Station White Shiraz. Yummo.

Kick back, pour some guarana or make yourself a caipirinha and enjoy the Memorial Day weekend! (And if you’re in Chicago, make sure to do Bike The Drive!)

Thanks to Becky for calling us to the table this week!

Keep those emails and comments coming! Let us know about restaurants in your area, or if you’d like to call us to the table! You can reach us as or leave a comment below.

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