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Cheap Date – 13 May 2006 – To Half and Half Not

Fueled only by half a blueberry muffin, we start today’s show by taking you through Lisa’s wacky family, who can’t seem to eat the whole thing. You’ll learn about all sorts of things that can be cleft in twain, and then it’ll be time to hear about our mad angel food cake-making skills and the proper use of cerveza. Or at least how a botella de cerveza figures into the creation of a great angel food cake.

We’ll take you on a brief trip to the Julius Meinl Cafe on Chicago’s North Side, and then complete the deal with a delicious stop at White Palace Grill just south of downtown Chicago.

It’s another nonstop funfest with Lisa and Joe!

Thanks to Jeff for calling us to the table this week!

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This week’s running time: 28:29.


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