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Cheap Date – 22 April 2006 – Live from Chef’s Fest

Subtitled: “How did we miss the Meat Sticks?”

For Cheap Date’s very first live remote, we visit the Arlington International Racecourse for Chef’s Fest 2006. And coming along for the ride are our good pals Liz and Bob.

The idea behind Chef’s Fest is to give local restaurants and hotels the opportunity to put on their best for the general public. This year, there were about 100 exhibitors offering everything from plum wine to marshmallow fondue to, yes, meat sticks. For a $30 admission fee, visitors got to sample as much food from as many places as they could squeeze in (sorry for the pun).

Some of the places we mention are:


Weber Grill

Real Time Sports


Texas de Brazil

Durty Nellie’s



Mitsuwa Market

Peggy Kinnane’s


Rainforest Cafe



Dave and Buster’s


Brookfield Zoo


Harper College

Tony and Tina’s Wedding

Jelly Belly

Metropolis Ballroom

Arlington Heights Sheraton

Glunz Family Winery

Lynfred Winery

We talk to several passers-by who seem more amazed at four people sitting at a white resin table with microphones than with the food itself. A baguette gets broken, a fire department commander shows how they talk down at the station, and Bob regales us with the tale of The Sandwich in One Bite Guy.

Some quick technical notes about the show: the room was very noisy, so we found ourselves speaking louder than usual, and as a result there’s some distorted audio: we did our best to clean it up, though. Also, our vocals are in mono because we mixed it down that way– the original stereo recording is awesome because of the way the crowd sounds in the background, but our voices wound up in different channels so it sounded like the audio equivalent of a tennis match. We may post a few minutes of the original mix so you can experience the effect. It’ll be kinda like hearing Sgt. Pepper’s for the first time. :-)

Write to us! We’d love to hear about your dining experiences, good or bad; and we appreciate your comments! You can reach us at or you can leave a comment right here on the blog.

This week’s running time: 22:22.


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