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Cheap Date – 1 April 2006 – Stairway to Superdawg!

Things start out in the usual way, but then a couple of little April Fools take over and bring us to Superdawg on Chicago’s Far Northwest Side.

We also discuss the wonderment of Kosher Coca-Cola and why it beats the pants off the regular stuff… and we do an on-air taste test to prove it. Joe also has an idea for a sure moneymaker for the Coca-Cola Company.

The 80s are back thanks to the movie Urgh! A Music War and DVDs of the TV show The Old Grey Whistle Test. Lisa swoons because she got to see REM’s Michael Stipe singing “Moon River.”

The show ends with a lovely lullaby Joe used to sing to his kids.

Thanks to our maitre d’ this week, Jeff!

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This week’s running time: 26:04

Stairway to Gilligan’s Island


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