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Cheap Date – 18 March 2006 – The Yard House

We review The Yard House in Glenview, where they have over 100 beers on tap. You can learn a lot from a bartender, we tell ya. You’ll also hear about Joe’s experiences with guys at the Apple Store whose vocabulary doesn’t go much further than “‘sup” and “Bruh’.” And there’s lots, lots more.

This week’s guest review is from Redboy and Absolute Amy from The Redboy Podcast. They visited a restaurant in the cornfields called Kobe Steak House.

Thanks to Jeff for calling us to the table this week!

Cheap Date is a show about restaurants and food, much in the way Car Talk is a show about cars. Expect lots of detours and conversation about non-food topics. :-)

Write to us! We want to know about the restaurants in your town, your favorite (or least favorite) dining experiences, or anything else that’s on your mind. You can reach us at

This week’s running time: 28:06


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