Cheap Date Show

Episode #16: Who Does Lisa Like?

Joe talks in his sleep, we rate a live theatre performance in Chicago, and have some really awesome Red Velvet Cake. And Lisa tells us the reason behind all the hoo-hah about Dick Cheney shooting that guy.

Total Running Time: 33:49

Show Notes:

1. Sittin’ around in the Firestone parking lot
2. Rachel Sweet
3. The delightful Agavero and what about “Jorge?”
4. Mean Girls
5. Congrats to Aaron and Jenny
6. Too Much Light Makes The Baby Go Blind
7. Why there’s so much noise about Cheney shooting a dude
8. Cheap Date! — Sweet Occasions and More! in Chicago’s Andersonville
9. Update on the Abercrombie shirts we talked about on our first show
10. Riot Grrrrrrrls
11. Thanks for listening!


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