Cheap Date Show

Episode #15: Be Mine

It’s our hopelessly romantic Valentine’s Day episode! At long last, we reveal the secret and pregnant meaning of “4th Time Around.” We also talk about all kinds of romantical-like stuff. No Cheap Date, though– you guys will have enough excitement for one night.

Total Running Time: 41:09

Show Notes:

1. Greetings and salutations
2. Pregnant as a rooster
3. What “4th Time Around” means
4. …and what it’s doesn’t
5. You’re The Dream (You Are) I Had
6. I love you for the Nena lyrics
7. Why we’re never gonna do a video podcast
8. Not a single lux-u-ry
9. Why Lisa is such a great audience
10. Bad pickup lines — feel free to use these in your local bar, but we’re not responsible for the results
11. A Valentine’s Day tip for the guys: 365 Organic Chocolate Truffles from Whole Foods
12. Why chicks are too hard on guys around this time of year
13. What do guys want for Valentine’s Day?
14. The Steam-o-Meter Film rating guide
15. “Hi” to people we know and are fond of: JC, Shelly, Jay and Annie, The Big Show, Zee and Zed, Israelisms, John G., Luiz, and Adan
16. Happy Valentine’s Day!


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