Cheap Date Show

Episode #14: Bread and Circuses

Now that we know who the star of the show really is, we can get on with it. We cover a lot of territory tonight, so fasten your seat belts!

Total Running Time: 38:25

Show Notes:

1. A Real Hollywood Intro
2. Joe = Ed to the MC
3. Thanks for wearing a shirt tonight
4. Anthropological Fun Fact #2: Bipedal or quadrupedal?
5. Achieving Moksha

6. “Hi” to people far and near (John G., Carol and Charley, Aaron and Jenny, Daryl, and Diane S., and of course, the adorable Karen and Ross.)
7. Movies about Flight 93
8. Basketball and Bordeaux
9. The Biggest Break of All Time (for McCall and Brill, anyway)
10. Cheap Date! — Eros Restaurant in Arlington Heights
11. Ingress and egress
12. Lisa drinks a martini just like Rachael Ray
13. The Super Bowl Drinking Game from Esquire
14. The Sidekick really, REALLY hates reality TV and award shows
15. Panem et Circenses and the Decline of Western Society
16. The correct quote is “Fat, drunk, and stupid is no way to go through life, son.”
17. Os Mutantes had a cool song called “Panis et Circenses” that was redone by Marisa Monte
18. Joe’s tribute to Canada — a poem
19. Thanks for listening!
20. Podcast Pickle Promo
21. The Ed Sullivan Show: February 9 1964


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