Cheap Date Show

Episode #13: Live From The Kumquat Lounge

We get to hear the sounds of Joe at WHCM, the Harper College Music Machine. Back in, like, 1979. And Lisa gives the personal computer industry what-for.

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Total running time: 38:59

Show Notes:

1. Hi, Everybody!
2. Lisa’s Anthropology Fun Fact: The Amazing Human Molar
3. What Inspired Us To Podcast
4. Wacky Basketball Mayhem
5. Joe’s broadcasting roots: What he sounded like right before he discovered Siouxsie and XTC
6. More European chocolate: Lindt Excellence 70%, Lindt Milk Chocolate Wafer, and Kindereggs
7. (Solo) Cheap Date! — Tuscan Market in Arlington Heights
8. Joe discovers Potocki Vodka
9. “Hi” to people: Aaron and Jenny, Shelly, Diane S (Happy Birthday!), Charley and Carol, and Matt and Absolute Amy, and Karen and Ross
10. Why you can’t sing “Happy Birthday”– ’cause it’s freaking owned by Time Warner
11. Apple, Microsoft, checks and balances in the computing world, and “I Know. It’s Exciting.” And Joe talks about NeXT Computer
12. Thanks for listening!
13. Podcast Pickle bumper
14. The Influences of the Prefab Four

“Cary’s Here” by Hop on Pop. Tunage courtesy of The Podsafe Music Network.


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