Cheap Date Show

Episode #12: Elegant Simplicity or Simplistic Elegance

It’s a snowy night in the Chicago suburbs, so we use technology to bring us together. It’s just like the old days *snif*.

Listen to the show right from this website! Just click the ‘play’ button in the little application on the left, sit back, and enjoy!

Total running time: 31:47

Show Notes:

1. A Very Special 4th Time Around
2. Karen of Zee and Zed shoots us a one-liner.
3. Theatre of the Mind: Cheap SFX courtesy of Taco Bell
4. Hey to Krash and Betty of Oka Zoo
5. Quasi-Cheap Date! — Harry’s of Arlington and cool Trivia Thursday Nights
6. We met a writer from the Beep web site
7. The Flanders-Cast!
8. Joe earns a cliche and mentions the interrobang
9. John G received the Kinder Egg toys he won from us
10. A beer comment from Matt from the Redboy Podcast
11. Fajitas and Abuelita at Farmer’s Pride
12. A big “hello” to Daryl from the Poddog Show and Aaron and Jenny of the Big Show
13. Lisa challenges Stipe
14. The Billy No-Mates Club
15. Lisa sings the blues…
16. …and then she gives her iBook a massage
17. Thanks for listening!
18. Poddog Show promo
19. Podcast Pickle bumper

“Awakening” by Anne Davis. Tunage courtesy of The Podsafe Music Network.


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