Cheap Date Show

Episode #11: Good Night, and May Your God Go With You

Gameboys Advance get hijacked, Steve Jobs doppelgangers put you on waiting lists and don’t call, and a visit to the emergency room. And lots and lots of chocolate. Could this episode *be* any more action-packed?

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Total running time: 33:02

Show Notes:

1. Intro: blast from the past
2. The coolness of Dave Allen at Large
4. Tetris on multiple platforms, baby.. but it’s probably not available on the Apple Lisa
5. Heck on wheels and a 10-year-old’s busted wrist
6. We have a winner! John G from Indiana comments on Rachel Ray, and wins something of little value but really cool nontheless
7. We’re on The Big Show this weekend!
8. Joe’s daughter is in high school. Dude.
9. Cheap Date! — Chinese Munch In in Arlington Heights
10. The Chocolate Ruger Test
11. Confessions of a Chocoholic
12. Thanks for listening!
13. Bonus track
14. Podcast Pickle bumper

“Saturday Morning” by Becky Lynn. Yeah, she loves GarageBand.


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