Cheap Date Show

Episode #10: Holy Schnikes!

Subtitled “If This Is True, I Will Put You Out of My Heart Instantly.” Forget the New Year’s Resolutions: this episode is full of Chocolate, Beer, and In Flagrante Delicto activities en espanol. And we haven’t even gotten to the Cheap Date yet!

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Total running time: 33:43

Show Notes:

1. Happy New Year!
2. Musical Guilty Pleasures: Lisa knows all the words to “It’s The End of the World as We Know It” and Joe knows all the words to “American Pie”– and Monty Python as birth control
3. Chocolate SmackDown coming soon!
4. The Bubba-Gumpian list of beer and beer products
5. The Chicago Brewpub Shootout and our tristeza that we cannot attend this year
6. Cheap Date! — Dos Hermanos in Chicago
7. Fajitas and purses don’t mix!
8. Sensitive talk about Joe’s STD– er, STS…
9. The Promise of the Friday Night
10. Lumbergh comes alive!
11. Must-See TV: Decisiones on Telemundo. No, really.
12. Thanks for listening!
13. The Big Show promo

“10 In The Pen” by Minus Vince. Tunage brought to you via the Podsafe Music Network.


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