Cheap Date Show

Episode #8: M to the X-mas

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Festive Kwanzaa, and whatever else you may be Celebrating this week. We just wanna cover all the bases, y’know?

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Show Notes:

1. Welcome to the Christmas Show!
2. h t t p, colon, forward slash, forward slash, double-u double-u double-u nonsense
3. One of Joe’s first 45s: “Joy” by Apollo 100
4. Annoying Radio: “The Holiday Lite”
5. Going postal at Subway, and the Bangalore version of “Feliz Navidad”
6. Joe went from near-blindness to 20/15 vision thanks to Lasik
7. The Obligatory Liz and Bob Mention
8. Lisa’s T.O.’d
9. A description of Joe’s surgery, approved for listening by the squeamish
10. Joe’s Speed Racer imitation
11. Acknowledgments: Aaron and Jenny from The Big Show and Charlie and Carol of Israelisms.
12. The fun a landsman can have on Christmas
13. Blooper: Lisa winds up with mocha on her shirt
14. Cheap Date! — Lou Mitchell’s in Chicago
15. Oprah’s Favorite Things = so over
16. Christmas gifts for couples
17. Joe’s New Career II: Reading Bodice Rippers (Annie Duke fans arise!)
18. Thanks for listening and Merry Christmas!

Total running time: 34:11

“Not So Silent Night” by Charlie Crowe. Tunage courtesy of the Podsafe Music Network.

“Silent Night” by Annie Haslam (in the photo above). Played with the written permission of the artist.


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