Cheap Date Show

Episode #5: A Festivus Miracle

The holidays are upon us, and we’re taking this opportunity to share with all of you. No Feats of Strength this time around, but there is some Airing of Grievances. Enjoy!

Show Notes:

1. Hello!
2. Teen Stars and what’s the deal with Lindsay and Britney
3. Why we need a Real Life Control-Z button
4. Thanksgiving recap: the Overly Ambitious Menu, Mom’s SECRET Cranberry Sauce
5. Joe’s (potential) alternate career as a Time-Life voiceover guy
6. Cheap Date! — Egg’lectic Cafe in Rolling Meadows
7. Tell us your favorite and/or least favorite thing about Rachel Ray and win something of no cash value
8. Crazy Ed’s Original Cave Creek Chili Beer: it’s about much more than impressing the Gringos (or Yoopers)
9. A Festivus Miracle: Hoop-dee-doo and Peppermint Mochas, putting the lights on the tree, Black Friday
10. Christmas movies Lisa has never seen
11. Christmas movies Lisa has seen
12. Thanks for listening!

Our featured song is “Maybe Tonight” by Andy Zipf. Andy’s from Virginia and lists his influences as The Beach Boys, Radiohead, Neil Young, and Elton John. Tunage courtesy of the Podsafe Music Network.


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