Cheap Date Show

Episode #3: We Ride The Long Tail

Show Notes:

1. Welcome!
2. We learn what key words can be placed here simply to make people download this ‘cast, and we thought better of putting them here. Although we did learn about the next topic from the TWiT podcast
3. The Long Tail, Blown to Bits, and how the internet has changed the marketplace
4. Lisa’s eBay purchase was a huge find, really: Screeching Weasel
5. A message to the record companies: just put it out there!
6. Michael Stipe’s very mournful version of “I Will Survive” and his Zorro mask
7. Le Beaujolais Noveau est arrive! We sample this year’s Georges DuBoeuf from Tuscan Market, even better than last year’s Mommessin. And Lisa plans on scamming a poster from Mitch.
8. Thanks for the comments! Want to win a prize?
9. Joe’s favorite Australian export: Who Dares Wins, especially Tania Zaetta
10. Cheap Date! — Tamarind Thai Restaurant in Arlington Heights
11. Planes Trains and Automobiles and Driving Through Minnesota in the Middle of the Night
12. Thanks for listening!
13. Words to Live By with Ron Burgundy

Our featured song this week was “I Belong To You” by John Hoskinson. Tunage courtesy of the Podsafe Music Network.


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