Cheap Date Show

Episode #2: The Gender Politics of Beer

Show Notes:

1. If we had a beer for every subscriber…
2. Abercrombie followup
3. Cycling class and the music to which we’re subjected
4. “Stars on 45″ = Lame
5. Lisa’s first beer (well, not really)
6. The Land of Chocolate and Community Junk Food in the office
7. The Wonderment of the Ruger
8. Cheap Date! — Los Jardines in Arlington Heights
9. Wine Break/Radio Verite: 2003 Waterbrook Melange from Tuscan Market
10. …but only in the global sense…
11. Breweries want to “class up” beer
12. The Gender Politics of Beer
13. Wrap-up

Our theme song this week is “Replaced by Robots” by lejeune. Hear their music at The Podsafe Music Network.

Note: We discovered a technical glitch that caused the ‘cast to play too fast on some sites. We fixed it. :-)


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