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Baja Fresh Closed in Illinois

This past Saturday (May 1) we visited our local Baja Fresh restaurant in Rolling Meadows, only to find the signage had been changed to read “Pacifica Mexican Grill.”

When we asked the guy at the register what was going on, he indicated that the name had changed that day, and that was about all the information he had. We got the impression that he was probably just as surprised as we were. The Pacifica Mexican Grill menu is basically the same, albeit stripped down a bit. All the “Baja Fresh” trappings– cups, plates, etc.– were replaced with generic ones.

None of the media outlets covered this, and no press release was issued by Baja Fresh. We noticed several other people complaining about the stores in their areas suddenly closing, so I wrote to Baja Fresh and got this response:

Thank you for taking the time to contact Baja Fresh. The Baja Fresh restaurants you are inquiring about are no longer members of our franchise community. At Baja Fresh we take guest satisfaction very seriously, and unfortunately there were a number of operational and financial issues that led us to terminate our relationship with our Illinois franchisee and close all Baja Fresh restaurants in the Illinois Market. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused our loyal Baja Fresh Customers. There are no immediate plans to open another restaurant in this area; however Baja Fresh currently has 254 restaurants in 20 states and is continuously growing in its number of locations.

It looks like another good fast-food alternative is gone.

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