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Cheap Date – 24 May 2008 – A Visit to Harbor Country

In Vino Veritas, as they say. No, this is not an excuse for us to drink and ‘cast, it’s a recap of our visit to Southwestern Michigan’s Harbor Country where we sampled some great wine and enjoyed some wonderful food over a beautiful spring weekend.

Come along with us as we tell you about the Tabor Hill Winery, Redamak’s, Red Arrow Roadhouse, Brewster’s Italian Cafe, and Ozzie’s Eatery. And if you’re still hungry after all that, there’s no hope for you at all. :-)

We’d also like to welcome our new listeners who discovered us theough the article that appeared in The Daily Herald– here’s a link to the piece at the Herald’s sister site,!

Happy Memorial Day weekend to our listeners across the US– Summer is officially underway!

The part of the Chocolate Torte in this episode was played by pastry from Urban Harvest.

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“Listen to the Music” is by The Doobie Brothers, from a 1979 Soundstage TV appearance. Party on.

This episode’s running time: 26:48.

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