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Cheap Date – 26 April 2008 – Chef’s Fest 2008 & Contest Winners!

This week’s show is actually two podcasts in one, kind of like what they used to say on the old Certs commercial.

First, you’ll join us for the most recent episode of Discover Woodfield! as we visit the 15th Annual Original Chef’s Fest at the Arlington International Racecourse. This is our Third Annual visit to the Fest, and once again our pals Liz and Bob accompany us along with Becka and Emma. Lots of food and fun, as well as some sweet Barbershop singing from The Arlingtones.

Then we announce the winners of our “Favorite Cheap Date” contest and read some of the entries. We had tons of responses, so thank you all for participating!

Lisa is feeling under the weather this week, so Joe is your cruise director for this episode. Or maybe he’s more like Gopher, your yeoman purser. :-) At least there are no Kermodian rants this time around.

“Keep The Whole World Singing” and “Stout-Hearted Man” are performed by The Arlingtones, who provided live entertainment during Chef’s Fest.

Thanks again for your feedback and comments! As always, you can reach us at

This episode’s running time: 26:04

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