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Cheap Date – 12 April 2008 – Get Lucky!

We’re on the road this week, so join us as we talk about the great time we had at Club Lucky in Chicago’s Bucktown neighborhood.

Don’t forget to send in your entry to the Cheap Date Contest– there’s still time! Just tell us about your favorite Cheap Date– whatever it is, wherever it is— and we’ll draw two entries who will each win a brand-new 2 GB iPod Shuffle!

Send your entry to with “Contest” as the subject line. The final day to submit your entry is this coming Friday, April 18, 2008, and we’ll announce the winners on our April 26th Cheap Date Show!

And as always, please keep those comments coming! You can reach us at Your feedback makes this show even better, we promise. :-)

“Oh Babe, What Would You Say?” is by Norman “Hurricane” Smith.

This episode’s running time: 22:29

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