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Cheap Date – 24 November 2007 – I’ll Have a Gumballhead, Please

Welcome to another action-packed episode of the Cheap Date show!

This week we review ToPa Tavern and Grill in Elk Grove Village, where Joe enjoyed a Gumballhead American Pale Wheat Ale and Lisa had the famous 312 Urban Wheat Ale. And we haven’t even started on the food yet. Listen to the show for complete details!

We also spend some time gushing over this year’s Beaujolais Nouveau from Duboeuf, which is as delightful as the years before. If only we could remember them, that is. And we give a nod to Cycles Gladiator for their Pinot Noir.

Also highly recommended is our visit to Opera in Focus, as featured on our other show, Discover Woodfield. This is truly a Chicago area treasure, so be sure to check it out!

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“I Told Ev’ry Little Star” is by Linda Scott, as heard in the ultra-creepy David Lynch film Mulholland Drive.

This episode’s running time: 26:27

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