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About Cheap Date

It’s our goal at Cheap Date to provide you with an informative and entertaining listening experience.

We at Cheap Date do not review restaurants we cannot recommend. We know it can be fun to trash a place, but we’re all about the positive vibes and want you to know about all the good stuff out there.

If you like our show, let us know you’re listening and subscribe through your favorite podcatcher. That’s all we’ll ever ask of you, and in return we promise to fill your ears with really good stuff.


Update, November 2011:

We moved the show and blog to a new host, and we’re in the process of updating all our blog entries. This means that several of our older shows appear in the blog but do not have “live” recordings attached. If you’ve found a blog entry that does not have a show linked to it, please let us know and we’ll move it up in the migration queue.  Thanks!

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