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Cheap Date – 25 December 2008 – Grand Station

Happy Holidays!

We’re back with an all-new show for you to enjoy… This time, we visit a brand-new addition to downtown Arlington Heights: Grand Station Restaurant and Cocktails! Listen in as we talk about the restaurant’s expansive drink and food menu.

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Thanks for listening and have a wonderful holiday season and great 2009!

“Merry Xmas Everybody” is by Slade.

This episode’s running time: 22:34.

Cheap Date – 19 July 2008 – Our Favorite Things

The one question we get asked more than any other is, “What are your very favorite places?” On this episode, you get those answers!

Join us as we talk about our favorites among the 100+ restaurants and events we’ve reviewed on Cheap Date since we started doing this show. If you’re not hungry after hearing this episode, we’re not sure what we can do. :-)

And as we wipe away a little tear with our napkins, we announce that this will be the last Cheap Date in this series. We’ve had a blast sharing our experiences with you and we hope you got something out of our shows.

The Cheap Date web site and all our old episodes will remain online for the forseeable future, so you can refer back to them for your listening pleasure. You’ll also be able to continue e-mailing us at, and you can follow us on Twitter where we post under the name “cheapdate.”

And be sure to keep us in your feeds, because we will be back one day with something new and exciting, and you won’t want to miss it.

In the meantime, thanks for listening!

“My Favorite Things” is by John Coltrane.

“Am I The Same Girl” is by Swing Out Sister.

“Soulful Strut” is by Young-Holt Unlimited.

This episode’s running time: 43:39

Cheap Date – 21 June 2008 – Slàinte!

Tonight we visit one of our very favorite restaurants of all time: Peggy Kinnane’s Irish Restaurant and Pub in Arlington Heights. And it’s about time, too… we certainly go there enough. :-)So pull up a bar stool, pour a Harp, and enjoy the comfort of an authentic Irish pub right here in our own town.

We follow that with Lisa’s first adventure in making a blueberry pie from scratch. Yummmmm.

We love hearing from you! If you’d like to tell us about your dining experiences in your town (or anything else that’s on your mind), please write to us at

“Please Heart You’re Killing Me” is by Eleanor McEvoy. “Love” is by The Dream Academy.

This episode’s running time: 31:26.

Cheap Date – 7 June 2008 – Summer’s Here and the Time is Right

Summer ’08 is here in our hemisphere, and it’s time to get out there for some Cheap Date goodness! Join us on the patio for a glass of Zolo Torrontes, this week’s restaurant review, and some recommendations for upcoming events…

First off, we share our thoughts about Gumrai Thai, a relatively new restaurant in downtown Arlington Heights.

Then, we talk about two bike rides in which we took part: Bike the Drive and The Miller Lite Ride for the Arts.

We round out the show with some of our favorite, cheap, Summertime things-to-do, including the Arlington Heights Evening Music Programs, Frontier Days, Capannari’s Ice Cream Family Nights, and Elk Grove Village’s Rotary Fest.

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“Summer’s Cauldron” and “Grass” are by the fabulous XTC.

This episode’s running time: 32:34.

Cheap Date – 24 May 2008 – A Visit to Harbor Country

In Vino Veritas, as they say. No, this is not an excuse for us to drink and ‘cast, it’s a recap of our visit to Southwestern Michigan’s Harbor Country where we sampled some great wine and enjoyed some wonderful food over a beautiful spring weekend.

Come along with us as we tell you about the Tabor Hill Winery, Redamak’s, Red Arrow Roadhouse, Brewster’s Italian Cafe, and Ozzie’s Eatery. And if you’re still hungry after all that, there’s no hope for you at all. :-)

We’d also like to welcome our new listeners who discovered us theough the article that appeared in The Daily Herald– here’s a link to the piece at the Herald’s sister site,!

Happy Memorial Day weekend to our listeners across the US– Summer is officially underway!

The part of the Chocolate Torte in this episode was played by pastry from Urban Harvest.

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“Listen to the Music” is by The Doobie Brothers, from a 1979 Soundstage TV appearance. Party on.

This episode’s running time: 26:48.

Cheap Date – 10 May 2008 – Breakfast Off The Bone

Lisa has returned, and everything is back to normal. Well, sorta. :-)

This time around we enjoy an amazing breakfast at the L&L Snack Shop in Des Plaines, Illinois. Listen to the show for all the delicious, not-exactly-lo-cal details!

L&L Snack Shop is at 456 E Northwest Highway in Des Plaines, 847 803-6767.

We also follow up on what you call the drink made of many drinks, and we do a mini-review of a new candy from the Mars people: Mint Crisp M&Ms.

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“Ja Sei Namorar” is by Tribalistas. “Love” is by The Dream Academy.

This episode’s running time: 27:00.

Cheap Date – 26 April 2008 – Chef’s Fest 2008 & Contest Winners!

This week’s show is actually two podcasts in one, kind of like what they used to say on the old Certs commercial.

First, you’ll join us for the most recent episode of Discover Woodfield! as we visit the 15th Annual Original Chef’s Fest at the Arlington International Racecourse. This is our Third Annual visit to the Fest, and once again our pals Liz and Bob accompany us along with Becka and Emma. Lots of food and fun, as well as some sweet Barbershop singing from The Arlingtones.

Then we announce the winners of our “Favorite Cheap Date” contest and read some of the entries. We had tons of responses, so thank you all for participating!

Lisa is feeling under the weather this week, so Joe is your cruise director for this episode. Or maybe he’s more like Gopher, your yeoman purser. :-) At least there are no Kermodian rants this time around.

“Keep The Whole World Singing” and “Stout-Hearted Man” are performed by The Arlingtones, who provided live entertainment during Chef’s Fest.

Thanks again for your feedback and comments! As always, you can reach us at

This episode’s running time: 26:04

Cheap Date – 12 April 2008 – Get Lucky!

We’re on the road this week, so join us as we talk about the great time we had at Club Lucky in Chicago’s Bucktown neighborhood.

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“Oh Babe, What Would You Say?” is by Norman “Hurricane” Smith.

This episode’s running time: 22:29

Cheap Date – 29 March 2008 – When Pigs Fly

Chocolate, peppers, and… bacon?? Tune in to hear about the fabulous Easter candy we scored from Vosges Haut Chocolat and Anderson’s Candy Shop, both of which are internet-ready sources for chocolate goodness.

We also talk a bit about our first anniversary and the pizza at Chicago’s legendary Lou Malnati’s, which is also available through the web.

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This episode’s running time: 28:54

“Reciting Shakespeare” is by Dundrearies.

“Love” is by The Dream Academy.

Cheap Date – 15 March 2008 – The Elvish Pleasuredrome

It’s not what you think– but it is another fabulous episode of the Cheap Date Show!

We talk about our experience watching a taping of NPR’s “Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me,” and then we share our dining adventure at Thai Urban Kitchen in Chicago. Listen carefully to Lisa’s description of the tofu. :-)

We also review the new General Foods On-The-Go “coffeehouse” drink mixes, and then Joe shares his breakfast experiment: french toast made with Irish Soda Bread.

Don’t forget to enter our contest to win one of two brand new iPod Shuffles! Just send us your favorite date idea and we’ll draw two winners and announce them on our April 26 2008 show! Send your entry to and be sure to put the word “Contest” in the subject line.

This episode’s running time: 22:14.

“Tuesday Morning” is by The Pogues.