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Cheap Date – 7 February 2010 – Chicago Beer Society

Welcome back to the Cheap Date Show! This time around we’re visiting with some officers of the Chicago Beer Society, and we talk about this year’s Twelfth Annual Chicagoland Brewpub Shootout, one of our favorite events of the year. Keep that feedback coming! Write us at  You can also follow us on Twitter where [...]

Cheap Date – 7 June 2008 – Summer’s Here and the Time is Right

Summer ’08 is here in our hemisphere, and it’s time to get out there for some Cheap Date goodness! Join us on the patio for a glass of Zolo Torrontes, this week’s restaurant review, and some recommendations for upcoming events… First off, we share our thoughts about Gumrai Thai, a relatively new restaurant in downtown [...]

Cheap Date – 12 April 2008 – Get Lucky!

We’re on the road this week, so join us as we talk about the great time we had at Club Lucky in Chicago’s Bucktown neighborhood. Don’t forget to send in your entry to the Cheap Date Contest– there’s still time! Just tell us about your favorite Cheap Date– whatever it is, wherever it is— and [...]

Cheap Date – 15 March 2008 – The Elvish Pleasuredrome

It’s not what you think– but it is another fabulous episode of the Cheap Date Show! We talk about our experience watching a taping of NPR’s “Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me,” and then we share our dining adventure at Thai Urban Kitchen in Chicago. Listen carefully to Lisa’s description of the tofu. We also review [...]

Cheap Date – 10 November 2007 – A Litany of Complaints

Yeah, I got your griping right here. Join us for a round of performance art worth complaining about, thanks to The Complaints Choir of Chicago, who appeared at The Empty Bottle last weekend. Then it’s off to Irazu Costa Rican Restaurant, where we had a wonderful dinner featuring the tastes of the Caribbean. We follow [...]

Cheap Date – 27 October 2007 – I Make Lamb (Well, Not This Time)

Welcome to the latest episode of Cheap Date! This time out, we visit Periyali Greek Taverna in Des Plaines for a wonderful family meal. We also spend some time talking about Halloween and lots of other stuff, too. Here is the link to listener Chris’ recap of his two weeks in Europe drinking LOTS of [...]

Cheap Date – 15 September 2007 – Silky and Bright to Jammy and Chewy

It’s an evening of great Italian food and wine on this Cheap Date Show! We take in a visit to Quartinoin Chicago. Then we recap our BBQ excursion with an email from Shelly, and then Joe shares his favorite pancake recipe (originally by Ryan D’Agostino in Esquire magazine). Here it is: Wallet Pancakes • 1 [...]

Cheap Date – 18 August 2007 – A Cake of 1000 Leaves

A word of caution: this week’s Cheap Date is not at all cheap. We received a very generous wedding gift from a friend of ours, which led us to an incredible meal at Chicago’s Les Nomades. We can’t say enough wonderful things about this experience, so you’ll have to listen to the show for all [...]

Cheap Date – 4 August 2007 – Smile When You Say That

We’ve got a lot of ground to cover, so let’s get to it. Condiment or food? You be the judge. It’s a new listener poll. Charlie’s Ale House on Navy Pier in Chicago was the venue for our meetup with fellow podcaster Shelly and her husband, The Fabulous Frank. Good food, good conversation, and a [...]

Cheap Date – 21 July 2007 – Brewpub Near The Ballpark

It’s a Cheap Date full of beer and ballpark fun! Join us as we head over to Goose Island Brewpub near Wrigley Field for lunch before a Cubs-Astros game! Listener CB also offers his Guest Review of Barnelli’s, which can be found attached to Portillo’s Restuarants all over the Chicago area. We love your emails [...]