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These Felix The Cat comic strips were originally published on April 19-20, 1929. 

Consoles, Tabletops, and Portables

Grundig SO-111 US Grundig 1099 US Grundig 2065 US

Cub "Tombstone" Radio

XTal Set Society "Little Sister" Crystal Radio

Adler-Royal Model 50 Radio/Phonograph
Tivoli Audio Henry Kloss Model One Tivoli Audio Henry Kloss Model Three   RadioShack RS-21 
Tivoli Audio Model One BT Phonola 3062-A Console  Stewart ST-2959A

Grundig Satellit 700 Nordmende Mambino Grundig Satellit 500 


 Emerson PSW-4010 GE Super Radio II Grundig Yacht Boy 400


Grundig Concert Boy

Magnavox AE 3805 Uniden Bearcat BC-120XLT

GE 7-1600C Sony SRF-42 AM Stereo/FM Stereo Walkman Sony SRF-S84 AM/FM Stereo Walkman
GE 35810 FRS Radios Motorola T6300 FRS Radios Philips AE 1000
Cobra 21 CB Radio   OneWorld SoundStik SS1000 FM Radio
Miscellaneous Items of Interest
Select-A-Tenna WGN Chicago Transmitter Site WBBM Chicago Transmitter Site
1960s Grundig Ad C Crane Digital FM Transmitter1920s Adler-Royal Ad




Here are some other web sites you'll find of interest. Each has its own Links page, so this should be a good start!
Radio Collectors' Sites
Wumpus' Old Radio World
An excellent web site dedicated to German radios and German radio history.
Phil's Old Radios
An outstanding site for fans of antique radios.
Bill's Antique Radio Emporium
Another wonderful antique radio site, with a fascinating article about the history of the NBC chimes!
Grundig Radio Boy
A fascinating site with more Grundig Radios.
Knut Otterbeck's Grundig Satellit Web Site
Knut Otterbeck's tribute to the entire line of Grundig Satellit radios.
Paul & Cheryl's Radio Page
A super collection from a pair of Chicago-based enthusiasts.
Broadcasting / Online Stations
An excellent resource for locating broadcasters in the USA.
A wonderful way to listen to over 50,000 worldwide radio stations for free right on your computer or portable device. TuneIn apps are available on all popular platforms, including iOS (iPhone/iPod Touch), Android, and BlackBerry!
Another great, free online streaming radio service for your computer and/or internet-connected radio.
Prime Time Shortwave Guide
An up-to-the-minute resource of English-language shortwave programming.
The NASWA WWW Shortwave Listening Guide
A web-based guide produced by the North American Shortwave Association.
A site dedicated to all aspects of the radio hobby, including the latest news and equipment reviews.
Wikipedia Entry for Shortwave Radio
An excellent summary of what this hobby is all about.  A good place to start if you're interested in the hobby.
Old-Time Radio/Broadcasting History
Those Were The Days and Nostalgia Digest
Airing on Saturday afternoons (1300-1700 Chicago time), Chuck Schaden's classic old time radio show Those Were The Days is still going strong after 40-plus years on the air. Now hosted by Old Time Radio expert Steve Darnall, the show makes its home at public radio station WDCB in Glen Ellyn, Illinois and is now available in streaming audio! You can also join the Nostalgia Digest Facebook Page for more info on Those Were The Days and other events in the OTR world!
Speaking of Radio
Chuck Schaden's new project, where he shares his conversations with the stars of the Golden Age of Radio. You can also hear rebroadcasts of his Those Were The Days shows right on the site!
Rich Samuels' Broadcasting in Chicago History Site
An fascinating walk through Chicago radio and television over the years, brought to you by one of Chicago's longtime news reporters.
Scott Childers' Chicago Radio Time Capsule
Chicago radio veteran takes us on a tour through the glory days of Chicago radio.
Reel Radio Airchecks Online
Hear your favorite radio stations and personalities from years past on the Internet!


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