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Northern Lights is the independently-produced web site dedicated to the music of Renaissance, the premier classically-influenced progressive rock band. It is our mission to provide Renaissance fans with a friendly, informative environment where they can meet other fans and further their enjoyment of this band's wonderful music.

Editors-in-Chief: Joseph Lynn (Chicago, IL, USA) and Russell Elliot (Endicott, NY, USA)

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Editorial Contributors: Rick Albright (Pennsylvania, USA), Peter Cooke (Singapore), Jacques Côté (Quebec, Canada), Barrie Deatcher (Alberta, Canada), Luiz Octavio Drummond (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil), Lee Durbetaki (Oregon, USA), Mark Elliot (New York, USA), David Gaines (Baltimore, USA), Barry Gidden (UK), Marc Handler (USA), Christopher Carl Heckman (Atlanta, USA), Hiep Hieper (Netherlands), Uwe Hoppe (Germany), Daniel Junqueira dos Santos (Brazil), Betsy Kishlansky (New Jersey, USA), Scott Law (Maryland, USA), Aymeric Leroy (St. Egreve, France), Ken Levy (New York, USA), Russell Maddox (Phoenix, USA), Joe McGlinchey (New York, USA), Benjamin Moore (Dallas, USA), Jan Nijhuis (California, USA), Charlie Nolan (USA), Mike Pollard (Pennsylvania, USA), Adraino Santi (Brazil), Paul Solman (London, UK), Carlos Edmar de Almeida Souza (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil), Steve Stanitzke (Atlanta, USA), Clive Wells (London, UK), Jeff Willens (New Jersey, USA), Glenn Williams (Rhode Island, USA), Yusaku Kawata (Japan), Ofir Zwebner (Tel Aviv, Israel).

Art Contributors: Malcolm Bone (London, UK), Paulo Coelho, Jr. (Brazil), Marco de Niet, (The Hague, Netherlands), Brian Dorbuck, David Gaines, Gryf Ketcherside (Missouri, USA), Frank Love (UK), John Miyahira (California, USA), Richard Moloney (Dublin, Ireland), Eduardo Mota (Gouveia, Portugal), Mauricio Ricardo Quirino (Uberlandia, Brazil), Rich Rapp (New Jersey, USA), Bob Renken (Missouri, USA), Carlos Edmar de Almeida Souza.

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Northern Lights is indebted to the following individuals: Annie Haslam, Michael Dunford, Terry Sullivan, Jo Shea, Malcolm Holmes, as well as all the members of Renaissance, past and present, for the music which inspired us to create this web site. We also thank everyone who offered input to the files included herein, each of whom is credited in the individual documents.

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